Lawn Weed Treatment:
In the Rogue Valley, there may be many types of weeds that can take root and affect the aesthetics of your lawn. Sure-Spray can kill the existing weeds or put down a protective shield that will keep weed seeds from germinating. We have the ability to control broadleaf and grassy weeds, sedges, and Bermuda grass in your lawn areas. Give us a call today to identify and develop the best solution for your specific weed problem.

Lawn Fertilizer:
We can provide organic or conventional applications. Lawn fertilizer is essential if you want to create a healthy, green lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. To develop turf that is resistant to disease, insects and weeds, Sure-Spray will incorporate a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release grass fertilizers into your seasonal maintenance program. We will conduct an examination of your property and make program recommendations specific to the unique needs of your turf environment, including lawn fertilizer.

Lawn Disease:
Sure-Spray can diagnose disease and recommend treatment to restore health and beauty to your landscape. High humidity, moisture, stress conditions and certain types of grass can create favorable conditions for problems such as lawn fungus, brown patches, red thread and other lawn diseases. Each lawn disease treatment is based on analysis of the types of grass in your landscape and your growing environment.

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